What is ASCOM?

ASCOM is the Spanish Compliance Association, the first professional association of its kind in Spain, established in May 2014 in response to the need to create a common space for compliance professionals in our country.

ASCOM is an independent non-profit association, created on the initiative of a group of people with extensive experience in performing compliance functions, with the main objective of professionalising the function in Spain. ASCOM is aimed at compliance professionals from all economic sectors and all types of organisations.

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Who is part of ASCOM?

ASCOM members are individuals who have over two years experience in compliance or organisations that support the purposes of the association and who have an interest in the compliance function and in the defence of ethics and compliance with rules of conduct in companies.

Alternatively, anyone who does not have sufficient experience in compliance to become a member can join ASCOM as an "affiliate". Affiliates will not be able to participate in the assemblies with voice and vote or be voters and they are not eligible for executive positions with the Association, but they are exempt from accrediting their professional experience in performing the compliance functions, in addition they will receive information and may participate in the Association's activities.

Which sectors and companies is ASCOM aimed at?

ASCOM is aimed at compliance professionals from all economic sectors and all types of organisations.

What are ASCOM's aims?

ASCOM focuses all its efforts on achieving the following goals:

  • Uniting and representing all compliance professionals in Spain, constituting a forum for debate, consultation and opinion for our members.
  • Professionalising and providing appropriate regulation for the function of compliance officer.
  • Establishing channels of dialogue with national and European institutions and regulators.
  • Promoting certification schemes for knowledge in compliance matters that guarantee the professional quality of the certified people.
  • Acting as a point of reference for organisations wishing to implement the figure of compliance officer, as well as responding to the regulatory challenges they face.

In short, ASCOM offers its members the possibility of influencing and participating in the most powerful and extensive network of national compliance professionals, of learning and sharing knowledge, developing their professional careers and finding interesting offers for professional growth and improvement.

What advantages does ASCOM offer its members?

ASCOM members benefit from the advantages of participating in the first association for compliance professionals in Spain, which include the following:

  • Participating in the informative and training sessions organised by the Association.
  • Participating in the exclusive employment pool of ASCOM members, being the first to see the best job offers in the sector.
  • Participating in the Association's different thematic working groups.
  • Benefiting from discounts on the many conferences, congresses and seminars in which ASCOM collaborates.
  • Contacting other compliance professionals and exchanging opinions and points of view.
  • Having an international vision on compliance issues through ASCOM's international alliances.
  • Collaborating with regulators and authorities in matters related to compliance.
  • Answering concerns about the criminal, civil or administrative responsibilities you may incur in performing your duties as a compliance officer.
  • Working on improving the professionalism of the figure of the compliance officer and contributing to defining the role's professional profile.
  • Accrediting professional experience by being a member of an association that requires at least two years experience in the performance of the compliance function.
  • Having access to private information channels exclusive to ASCOM members.

About us


Our mission is to professionalise the function of the compliance officer and allow all companies and organisations to respond to regulatory demands and challenges.


Our vision as an association is to be:

  • A reference in the field of compliance in all sectors of economic activity.
  • Recognised as a key interlocutor by regulators, institutions and organisations in the regulatory field.
  • Able to offer our members a value proposition that allows them to develop professionally.


These are the six values that inspire our activity:

  1. Integrity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Collaboration
  4. Knowledge
  5. Excellence
  6. Creativity


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