IECOM Instituto Europeo de Compliance
Institute of Compliance Studies

"Our purpose is to inspire and enrich the development of compliance"

The Institute of Compliance Studies was born under the umbrella of the Spanish Compliance Association ASCOM, in order to meet the general interest in disseminating knowledge and training in compliance matters.

While adhering to principles of rigour, quality and excellence, IECOM will base its activity on three essential pillars:

Continuous training


Academic research

IECOM objectives

1 Disseminate the culture of compliance through its study as a social science (scientific perspective)

2 Conduct research studies and publish in prestigious journals. Prepare documents on the rules and precepts governing compliance.

3 Contribute to the knowledge relating to compliance through specialised and cutting-edge continuous training.

4 Provide documentation to the IECOM Library both on paper and through access to state-of-the-art digital databases.

5 Support the CESCOM recertification process.